In Awe

Today was our first day in Entebbe, we landed safe and sound at around 10:25pm and then after we got our covid tests results we got to the hotel at around 3:30am. After a time of rest we started off our day in Uganda with a group devotional and a time of worship.

It was so beautiful and refreshing to be reminded of God’s vast love for humanity. His love demands our response and constantly compels us to share it with others, such a great gift cannot be sheltered it must be shared. Once we are able to take our eyes off of ourselves and put them on God we are able to love Him and love others as we are called to.

God is so creative as I look at the people around me I see God’s artistic hand. He makes people so beautifully. He doesn’t stick to one pattern, but makes people different colors, shapes, and sizes. I am in awe of God’s greatness and creativity. We have an almighty God and His love is for all people

Remember John 3:16
For God so loved THE WORLD…!!!

God’s vast love demands our response and as followers of Christ we need to learn to see people as Christ does. Let us never let outward appearances create a barrier in sharing His love. May His love constantly compel us to love people and admire His creativity.

May it be our prayer to understand His love a little more everyday and seek ways to share it with anyone and everyone. Let’s never forget the most real thing about this life, and that is, that it will end for all of us someday and what is next is eternity and we chose were to live it and how many we want to take with us.

Mark 16:15
He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

– Christina Martinez

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I am a girl on the journey of learning to be a servant to my Master, Jesus!