From Our Ugandan Team

What a joy it has been to spend time with the team from the United States (Anchored International Relief/Calvary Chapel)! Being able to relate with each one of them and getting to share the love of Christ is something I just can’t take for granted. What an amazing group of individuals, full of love and desire to share the great love of Jesus Christ with a people who feel neglected and rejected! I personally have been touched by God’s work through this team. Being part of this amazing team I feel blessed to have met each one of them, their burning love for Jesus and for His people. During the medical camp, as the medical team that was providing medical care to the people of Naluko what a moment that was! Being able to provide medical treatment to all the people that came and having some of the team members pray for the sick and share the word with them was such a blessing. Seeing the sick going back home with the medications they needed and also the Word of God was such an incredible moment. Thank you Pastor Gary and Mama Carol for leading such an incredible team, we are dearly going to miss you all who are leaving. We are going to miss all the time we’ve been spending, sharing the word of God and the great things that the Lord has done and is doing in our lives, but we’ll surely be united in spirit and we’ll be praying for your safe travels back to the US and can’t wait to have you back in the near future.
We love you!
Anei Peter

What an honor it has been hosting this amazing team that came to share the love of God with us in Uganda (Naluko).

The Lord has been so good to us in ways that are unspeakable.
Spending time with these amazing souls lately has been a blessing and encouragement to most of us. Seeing young people devote themselves to serving the Lord with all their hearts is challenging. Each one of us has been challenged in one way or the other.

I’m especially grateful for the team that came to Uganda with Pastor Gary. They have been such wonderful people, full of love, joy, peace, etc. It’s been a blessing getting to know each one of them, again thank you for the wonderful work you’ve all done.

What we have been able to accomplish together as a team has been empowered by God.
We attended a Pastors’ and Wives’ conference which l must say, did help a few of us who aren’t married yet. The team also helped with watching over the kids, packing bags of stuff for the Pastors and Wives.
In everything that happened, we all would just see God’s hand working in this place and working in people’s lives.
During all this time, sitting down and just meditating upon the word and love of God,I remembered what Pastor Juventine taught during the conference, he said
“Jesus knows the vulnerability of man,they get very excited and hyped by the physical things and miss out on the most important things the spiritual aspect.”

A fews days ago in the village, as I was interpreting for pastor Gary, he mentioned, we might feel forgotten or not loved but that’s not true! The very fact the we have people leave their homes, spend time away from their beloved ones to come and spend time with us should be enough to remind us that we are very much loved, cared for, and not forgotten.

Whenever Americans come to Uganda, many would think, “Oh they are rich! They will pay for my medical expenses. They’ll buy me food. They’ll do this and that.” They come to try and befriend people with ulterior motives. Every time we do this, we miss out on what God has for us. We push His will out of the picture and do everything with our own strength.

Spending the last few days with the team here in Entebbe before they fly out is honestly heartbreaking because now we have to be separated. But on the other hand, it’s a blessing because we are spending these last few days having our devotions together, sharing our minds and encouraging one another, but above all abiding in the love of Christ.
For those of you reading this I would encourage you to read a book called “NO GREATER LOVE” by A.W TOZER. I was blessed with a paragraph is this book that’s says “I am not out to impress anybody. I am not tempted to impress my family or my friends. I am not tempted to impress the religious community. I am just overwhelmed by the fact that God’s love follows unconditionally into my life”.

“We all need to get away,” Mama Carol said. Each one of us at some point has to come to end of ourselves and let God do the rest, thinking about nothing but the Father’s love for us and know that He’s got everything under control.

Thanks Team for reminding us about Christ’s undying love for us.
We love you and pray for safe travels back home.
Till we meet again

Majok Abraham

(From left to right: James, Ben, Pastor Gary, Anei Peter, Brandon, and Majok Abraham)
(The Girls from left to right: Mama Carol, Laura,
Christina, Elizabeth, Jade, Sherill, and Lydia)
Our teams from the USA and Uganda have melded together SO well.

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