Reflections Part III

Wow. This trip was more than anything I could’ve imagined. The main theme for our team was God’s love and sharing God’s love with others, but seeing the love for God the people over there have and then His love that they shared with us was such a blessing. Seeing people be moved by a simple smile or act of kindness was beautiful to see, and it’s simply the joy and love of the Lord. Seeing the Lord’s face through the faces of people on the other side of the world was so encouraging. Hearing the people sing praise and worship on another continent was something completely new to me, and even if I couldn’t understand the language I had the assurance to say “amen” after a prayer because I could feel the Holy Spirit through them.
I think most of the time people can look at love as just another emotion and carry that over to God’s love – however God’s love is different. God’s love is endless. God’s love is perfect. God’s love is self-sacrificial – He gave His Son to die for us as we were headed to eternal destruction. I think that’s the part that most people can overlook; I confess that I’ve done it myself in the past. But God chose to give up His rights as the Creator of the universe and take on an earthly body to be crucified for our sins. Jesus Christ DIED for you. Jesus Christ DIED for me. And He did that because He loved you – because He LOVES you. He’s not finished either. God wants to use you as a vessel to pour His love out to others. He wants to fill you up with His love, so that you fill others with that same love as you overflow with it. Answer His call to do whatever it is He’s called you to do. I never imagined I would go on a trip like this, but by His grace He allowed me to experience it. I’m forever grateful to the Lord for the memories and new friendships I made these past few weeks. I encourage everyone to experience something like this at least once in their lives.
God worked so much through every one of the team members and I am so glad to have been a part of it. Thanks to everyone who came along side me through this journey. Weebale nyo! 🇺🇬

-Brandon Rommel

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I am a girl on the journey of learning to be a servant to my Master, Jesus!