Prayer for Uganda and Naluko

Matthew 14:14 (NKJV)
And when Jesus went out He saw a great multitude; and He was moved with compassion for them, and healed their sick.

Three weeks ago this sanctuary was full of people worshiping the Lord, kids dancing and the word of God going forth.

Today in Uganda we are in the midst of a strict lockdown. Churches are closed and people’s movement is restricted to essential travel only as Covid has gripped this nation. The infection rate is higher than ever as is the death rate. Hospitals are full and most have run out of oxygen and medication.

Calvary Chapel Naluko decided to open their doors to the Hearts for Africa Naluko Hospital that they share the grounds with and allow the sanctuary to be used as a Covid isolation center. No sooner had they opened when they received their first patient. A woman who had been turned away from other hospitals in the area. Not only is she receiving medical care but we were able to share the Gospel with her and two of her family members. She was a believer but the other two were not. After we shared with them they said they were not ready to accept the Lord but would think about it. Pray for the seeds that were planted.

Today, a 33 year older woman came into the hospital in respiratory distress. Her O2 saturation was only 43 (normal is above 90). They put her on an oxygen concentrator but could not raise her O2 above 80 or keep it there. They don’t have oxygen tanks either and the concentrator could not sustain her. The doctor knew he could not help her and referred her to the district hospital which was full. Her family took her home to die. Jonah, who acts as the hospital chaplain shared with her but she too did not want to accept the Lord which is really the saddest part. Barring a miracle she will not last through the night. Pray that the Lord would save her physically and spiritually.

Tonight we found out that we could get three oxygen canisters in Kampala and all the related equipment for $3,300. Calvary San Juan gave us the money to buy it so early tomorrow we are sending a vehicle to get them. We really need about 20 more so please pray for availability and God’s provision.

Pray for the protection and strength of the staff. This is such a hard time. During the first wave in the Spring of 2020 they only saw two suspected Covid cases the entire time. In the last three weeks this little seventeen bed hospital has have had eleven suspected cases. Seven of them recovered, three passed away and one is still in the hospital. This does not include the woman mentioned above.

My heart is breaking! God please save these people and use this time to bring the multitudes to a saving knowledge of you.

In Christ,

Pastor Gary

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