Praise and Prayer

We are praising the Lord that we had no new cases today! We are also rejoicing that our oxygen tanks will be here tomorrow morning! We had budgeted for three tanks but found when we got there that they would give us six for the price of three!

The one suspected case that came in today they determined was not Covid however she was very sick. She was a 71 year old woman and had been at another hospital for six days. They couldn’t do anything for her so they asked her to leave. In desperation her family brought her here and begged the staff to help her. She could barely breathe and our oxygen concentrator could not produce a high enough flow That is why we are getting oxygen tanks as they have a much higher flow rate. Then to make matters worse the original oxygen concentrator we had broke down. The one new one was needed in the OR so they were really scrambling. Even on the oxygen concentrator they could not get her saturation above 50%. Sadly she succumbed to her illness just a couple of hours ago. Please pray for the family that lost a mother and grandmother. Also pray for the staff. This is the fifth death they’ve had to go through in a week which is more than ever before. It is so hard to fight to save someone only to find that it’s just not enough. Also pray that they staff all stays healthy and strong during this time.

We are going to bag up the 8+ Metric tons of food (16,000 lbs) of food we got tomorrow morning. We will begin to deliver them tomorrow afternoon and continue over the next week. Pray for fruitful ministry and strength as we will be pretty busy.

Also pray for a little nine year old named Rose. She is very sick and has a bad umbilical hernia that needs to be operated on. We have been keeping tabs on her for the last two years and one of the families at our church has been sponsoring her. She is scheduled for surgery in the next few days.

Thank you all for your prayers and support! We can really feel them and have such a peace here.

Pastor Gary

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