Uganda update: Let the feeding begin!

Today we began our feeding program. We started the day by bagging up beans for the care packages.

In addition to beans we gave them maize flour, salt and soap.

We then packed up our vehicles and moved out into the villages.

This family had only a few beans to eat. They had prayed to God for food to eat that night and then we showed up with food! We heard this other families too! The need here is so great! The glorious thing is that the two ladies both accepted the Lord!

This morning a man showed up that they suspected of having Covid. He was in respiratory distress and gasping for air. They put him on an oxygen concentrator but it was not enough. Shortly after this our vehicle arrived with our oxygen tanks. They hooked him up, started the flow and within about seven minutes he stabilized! Tonight they said he was doing so well they may take him off the oxygen. Thank you all so much for praying!

The battle has just begun! Pray for strength for the medical staff and ministry team here. We have a long road ahead of us.

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