Prayer for Rose

Pray for this little nine year old named Rose. She is so sweet and has a beautiful smile that does not show how sick she really is. She has a low white blood cell count, hookworms, ulcers and an extremely painful umbilical hernia. As I write this they are prepping her for hernia surgery. She is very malnourished because she cannot eat. When she does eat she gets horrible abdominal pain and begins to vomit.

Pray that they will be able to do the surgery today because if her blood levels are not right they cannot do the surgery. She also had a reaction to some medication this morning. Medical care here is good for Uganda but any surgery here is dangerous if there are complications. We have really grown to love this little girl as we have known her for a couple of years and she has been staying with us in the compound for the last few days.

Thank you!

Pastor Gary

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