Praise and prayer update

A few days ago Pastor Juventine of Calvary Chapel of Soroti received a call from a pastor in a neighboring district. He told him that the drought was affecting his area so bad that people were literally starving to death. He told him of a woman in the village who was so hungry that she and her children were eating “mud porridge.” That is they were eating dirt just to put something in her stomach. The woman in the picture above with all the food in her arms was the one he was taking about. Thanks to all of your prayers, faithful giving and the team from CCS she received maize flour, beans, salt and soap. God is so faithful.

Again thanks to your generous donations and prayers the Hearts 4 Africa hospital in Naluko is one of the only hospitals treating Covid patients that has oxygen. There is a shortage in the entire nation but God allowed us to procure 23 tanks. Here is a text I received from our clinical officer Dr. Ronald:

I just got this from Dr Ronald:

“Pastor this is so amazing what God is doing, we received an elderly woman (74yrs) 4days ago. She was unconscious, could not open eyes, could not open the mouth, could not lift the hand , her oxygen saturation was at 34%(normal is above 92%) but today she can open her eyes, she can lift the hands, can eat, can recognize family members
Thank you for standing in the gap to save lives, I am very grateful, may God continue keeping you for his ministry.

The woman described above was admitted in another clinic and later discharged to go home and die, she spent a night at home, later some one directed them here, they are here and the family is joyful.”

The needs here are so overwhelming. We are living amongst the poorest of the poor. We are trying to feed those who are most vulnerable but it hard to determine who that is. It is so heart breaking to drive down the road and see children with their hands out asking for food.

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and giving to minister to “the least of these!”

Please continue to pray for people to be fed, healed and brought to salvation!

To give to the work here you can click on the link below:

God bless you!

– Pastor Gary

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