Urgent Prayer Needed!

Please pray for Sarah who is a patient in the Calvary Covid ward. She is 35 and six months pregnant. She is on the maximum amount of O2 and her saturation is only at 60% (normal is 92 and above). Her heart rate is at 155 and she is in respiratory distress. Her husband is the hagee (head of the local mosque) here in Naluko. They have 14 children that they care for. Her sister died, she had 8 children and she and her husband have 6. They are transferring her to an ICU at the national referral hospital in Kampala where they promised her and ICU bed. There is no ambulance in the area so one is coming from Kampala but will take another four hours to get here. Then it is about four or five hours to Kampala. It will really be a miracle if she survives. Her husband asked us to go in and pray for his wife. They could not pay their bill here so we told him that Jesus is taking care of the bill. He is so thankful! We cannot send her to the regional hospital as they cannot care for her there and she would most certainly die. She asked Dr Ronald to pray for her this afternoon because she said her life was slipping away. They were able to lead her to the Lord!

Things seemed to be calming down last week but it is now really spiking. Our Covid ward is at 9 patients we are one patient away from being full. The picture above was taken this morning. As of tonight all beds but one are full!

We also lost a mother last night who came in after laboring with a traditional birth attendant in the village. By the time she got here the baby had expired. They delivered the baby but her platelets were so low they could not stop the bleeding even with medication.

Please pray!!!

– Pastor Gary

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