Prayer update!

Last night we asked you to pray for Sarah, a woman in the Covid ward that was six months pregnant and in critical condition. She was referred from here to the national hospital in Kampala. She accepted the Lord with the medical staff yesterday afternoon.

Sadly, Sarah passed away early this morning just as they arrived at the hospital in Kampala. The baby also passed away. They are now both in the presence of the Lord in glory.

Pray for the husband. He now has 14 children to care for all on his own. When he arrived back at home and went to bury her and the baby, no one from the mosque would help him because they were so afraid of Covid. He got some local kids to help him. We sent food over (110 lbs of maize flour along with rice and beans) and will visit them soon.

Pray we can reach him with the love of Christ and that he would accept the Lord. He has really been touched by the love of the hospital staff and church here. He said he had never experienced that before. I know it will be really hard to do as he is the chief sheikh at the mosque here.

This is especially hard for the staff and others that prayed for them. We were really hoping for a miracle. What we do know is that God is faithful and good. He has a plan and loves this family!

I know I published the above photo before but it really gave me comfort today.

The needs in the village are great. There is a lot of malnutrition amongst the children here. Everyone is hungry as there is a general food shortage. Pray that we can help them with a feeding program for kids.

– Pastor Gary

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