Missionary Prayer Requests

Hi all,

On behalf of the missionaries, thank you for being so faithful to pray.

Mike and Sherill Sedillo, Hearts4Africa, Naluko, Uganda

Prayer requests:

  • My prayer requests are probably the same as Pastor Gary‘s. Except please pray for our upcoming fundraiser that it is very successful and we can raise enough money to continue to pay salaries for the next year.
  • Pray for the team that’s coming in October that everything goes smoothly and that we don’t have to cancel the trip because of Covid and that we find many women that need our help while they’re there.

Juventine and Elizabeth Emuku, Calvary Chapel Soroti, Uganda


  • Currently doing ok.

Prayer requests:

  • Our older daughter, Diana, isn’t feeling well. Could be Malaria, but she is getting tested for Covid.
  • Church giving is down because of Covid, but we still have financial needs.
  • Our receptionist, Bena, has Covid and is in the hospital. Pray for her healing. She will be off for two weeks.
  • Re ambulance. We have some money, but need another $15,000. We need to have oxygen on board, because some patients are oxygen dependent. Especially needed during Covid.
  • We get calls around the clock. Need wisdom as they juggle all the issues that occur.
  • Please pray for the health of our family, community, and the staff as they serve others with Covd.

Charles and Levenia Jjagwe – Calvary Chapel Buwama, Uganda


  • Thank God, He’s working.
  • The clinic is almost finished, but still working on remaining construction projects. Pray for the completion of the medical building.
  • Although radio broadcasts are dominated by witchdoctors, Charles got two broadcasts a week (1 hour each) for $60/month. Please pray they need a computer and other equipment.
  • Had a great time of rest and fellowship over the weekend.
  • Able to give food to the church family.

Prayer requests:

  • Infections are going down, but the death rate is up.
  • Many people are chronically sick and quite a few are starving.
  • Protection of our family, church and community.

Jon and Allison Brechtel, Calvary Chapel Oaxaca, Mexico

Prayer requests:

  • We need wisdom on what to do about our car. The permit expires in February so we are praying about whether we should drive it up and sell it in the states, or get it imported which would also mean we’d have to drive it to the border.
  • We need to find a car to use while we’re in California next month, or for the Lord to provide the money to rent one. They are so expensive right now. We will be going to a church planting conference in Rosarito.
  • Ministry is continuing to pick up so please pray for endurance, strength, and for us to be diligent with the ministry that the Lord has entrusted us with.
  • We are praying about an opportunity that has come up for us to help the boys get a good foundation for Spanish.
  • We need wisdom in gently correcting funky issues that come up. We want to gently guide them toward the truth.
  • Pray for the teams that are coming out.

Thank you all for your prayers. We are praying for all of you! God bless!

Rajiv KC – Calvary Chapel Kathmandu, Nepal


  • After three years I am free from braces!! Thank you Jesus!

Prayer: Personal and ministry:

  1. Pray for wisdom, humility and strength as I am leading the youth and worship team.
  2. Pray for our church and all the leaders to be faithful and wise to equip the congregation in love and truth.
  3. Pray for wisdom and understanding for my M.Div course.
  4. Pray for my dad’s salvation

Prayer: Country:

  1. Our country’s prime minister was changed yesterday, so please pray that he would be wise to run this nation for the sake of the people.
  2. Please pray for the salvation of lost people.
  3. There is a rumor going on about another lockdown. Please pray that it is only fake, but there would be protection on people’s health.

Punkaj & Tonielle Sarkar – Calvary Chapel Kathmandu, Nepal

Prayer requests:

  • Please pray for wisdom for Pankaj and me.

Levi has always had issues with his eyes (mostly styes). About 3 weeks ago, we noticed his left eye was red and had some discharge coming from it. Thinking it was pink eye, we started using some antibiotic eye drops that we had in our medical kit at home. While putting some drops in his eye, I found something under his top eyelid that definitely didn’t belong there. The thing I found does not hurt him or cause any discomfort, but it is causing his eye to look and feel swollen.

We took him to an eye doctor a week ago and they gave us medication to see if it would help but it didn’t. Then a few days ago, he woke up and there was blood coming from his eye (sorry – too much information).

We went to a new eye doctor today and she confirmed what I thought it might be (thanks to lots of Google searches). It is a pyogenic granulomas. Praise God, pyogenic granulomas are benign tumors/lesions that have absolutely no risk of cancer. They are often caused by a past injury or irritation (likely from one of his past styes, in this case).

She told us that it is actually a very simple procedure to remove it and could be done in the office but Levi would have to be awake and she doesn’t think he would stay still for it. Because of this, it will require us to go to an eye hospital to put him under anesthesia.

We are praying that God will work a miracle and remove it completely, this week, but if He chooses not to heal it that way, we are asking for wisdom in which hospital and doctor we should take him to to have it removed. We’re also trying to figure out if he might be able to stay still for the procedure under local anesthetic since we know and trust the hospital we had him checked at today. Other hospitals in the Kathmandu Valley can be a little sketchy.

The other option would be to wait till we go to America to have it removed; besides the obvious issue of the cost being much more, if we wait, it would mean that the lesion could grow and bleed more and more over the next few months before we are back Stateside.

Sorry for the long email and thank you for your prayers! We will keep you updated on what happens.

Cal and Jessica Stuebner, Calvary Chapel Managua, Nicaragua

Prayer requests:

  • Please continue to pray for Jessica. She had a positive Covid test after the free test was negative. Once again it is not certain when she can return to Nicaragua.
  • Also her mother’s car broke down yesterday so Jessica was not able to go to church. She wants to go to the missions meeting on Friday night but we need a miracle rapid repair on the car for this to be possible.
  • Pray for tonight’s men’s meeting
  • Pray for movie night. Showing another episode of “The Chosen.”
  • Please pray for Mike and his family in the U.S.
  • We also need prayer for a construction issue that involves money. Praying there isn’t any hurt feelings or division.

Thank you so much for praying.

With love in Christ,

Cal and Jessie Stuebner

Denise Carlsen – Calvary Chapel Missionary to Sudan, South Sudan, and Northern Uganda

Praise Report:

  • My granddaughter Jo is out of the hospital and doing well! Praise God and thank you for your prayers.
  • Our first Church Build up in South Sudan is completed and the first service was packed out!
  • The SPLMA Commander who named his newborn daughter Denise, called and his wife who was Muslim, just became a Christian!
  • The Suicide Booklets have been well received.

Prayer Request:

  • Please pray that we get cases of Arabic/English Bibles, they are difficult to find.
  • Please pray for the funding for the Republic of Sudan Church Builds, it’s a Muslim country.
  • Please pray for my enemies, that they can come to a real Holy Spirit filled relationship with God.
  • Please pray I can sell my large Canter Truck here in Uganda, so I can buy a truck up in Sudan.

Paul and Elizabeth Johnson – Calvary Chapel Kigali, Rwanda


  • Paul’s Covid is getting better. He’s not suffering, just coughing. He is able to smell again for the first time today.
  • The School of Ministry guys that are doing the church services (because Paul can’t travel due to Covid travel restrictions) are doing a good job, and having good attendance too.

Prayer requests:

  • Tomorrow is a city lockdown.
  • Pray they are not asked to do another ECD center contract. They really want to get back to ministry work.

Mark and Isabelle Secor – Apache Reservation in Arizona


  • The Christian Veterinary Missions group is on the reservation doing dog and cat spays and neuters.
  • Still able to teach the Bible Basics Class. This is a discipleship class, so it’s an answer to prayer. We usually have 1-4 students a week. We are very excited about this!

Prayer requests:

  • Praying for more students to attend the Bible Basics class.
  • Praying for more students to attend Sunday School
  • Holy Spirit breakthrough on the reservation
  • Praying for an open door to share with a man that might lose his feet because of diabetes. Want to share the Gospel with him and pray for a healing for him too.

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