Prayer update from Carol Kusunoki

Thank you for all of your prayers. This past weekend we were able to get a few days away. We visited a game park and stayed at a wonderful safari lodge. We had such a blessed time away. It was very restful and refreshing. We had time to talk, pray, play in the pool, drive to the falls, go on a game drive and of course eat. We saw God’s amazing creation and the animals he has created, lions (3 different prides in one day) and leopards up in the tree. We don’t usually get to see that many lions and leopards are rare to see.

I learn more everyday about life in Uganda and am so blessed to have stayed for this extended period of time.
Bible study went well this week. I just need to continue to conform the study for the best way for them to learn. They enjoy getting together and two my students are very diligent.

It has been a very hard week with the different deaths and yet at the same time in God’s mysterious way He brings glory to His name. Though Sarah and her baby died they are in heaven with Jesus full of life and healthy.
I think the miraculous healing is her salvation and that is my hope for her husband who has seen the love of Christ through the care for his wife. God seems to be separating him from his own religious people. He was telling Laura that none of his friends have come to visit them while they were here. That no one from the Mosque has even come to pray for his wife and yet here you Christians are taking care of her and praying for us. Then when no one wanted to help him bury his wife he got very upset with the people and say, fine I will bury my own wife. Where are all of his brothers in his religion? May Christ continue to draw him unto salvation and that be the greatest miracle🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻☝🏻✝️ Thank you for caring ❤️

We were able to deliver food to Fatima, a young woman measuring at 28 weeks by exam, but by scan 37 weeks. She miraculously delivered her baby as the were preparing to do her c-section. They don’t usually have women who are low on amniotic fluid, which is what the scan showed, push, so they had to do a c-section, but as they prepped her for surgery the doctor examined her again, and head was coming out. Another Miracle from God!

We’ve had a lot of time with Rose and Naka, our little malnourished girls. Oh my these girls have come to life. Yesterday, Naka was chasing Rose trying to get a big stick away from her. They were laughing and Naka was falling down (her shoes are too big) then getting up and continuing on. They had the biggest smiles on their faces. Once again we see the glory of God healing these two little ones and bringing life back to them. Gary, James and I just laughed and had such joy in our hearts.

The staff have a volleyball tournament that started on Wednesday and will continue until Sunday. The winners get a goat😋

Gary is having are hard time with the deaths over here, especially Sarah. She grabbed his hand in such a desperate way, that it really touched him and he was hoping that God would heal her. Majok and Laura are feeling the same way. We are talking through all of these things. The enemy just wants to discourage and bring doubt in. I can see how God is using Gary in such a great way, being a sounding board for Majok to bounce things off of. He has been teaching through 1 Timothy in the leadership meetings and at the listening group he has taught several times in the book of John. Now he is starting to lead a men’s group through 1st John.
He is a great encouragement to the staff here, I think especially the doctors and Jonah, the new chaplain. He is being used in helping to keep things stable in such a difficult situation.

James has been teaching in the listening groups and they all take turns for the Sunday night devotions. He is such a blessing to all of us. He has some different projects going on, helping with designing shelves, plumbing issues. He truly encourages these young men here. He has become the grandpa to the girls. Everyone loves James.

We just went into the Covid ward and I prayed for three women. 2 were born again and one practices witchcraft. We shared the gospel with her and prayed that the light and love of Jesus would come into heart and mind so she would accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior.
God is good and He is faithfully working in all of us. We are blessed above and beyond to be apart of God’s family. Thank you for your love, prayers and scriptures you send our way.

We love and miss you all.

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