Prayer update from the Sakar’s in Nepal

> I forgot to send an update on Levi’s eye: GOD HEALED IT!! Our Saturday morning (USA Friday night), Levi work up in the morning with a very puffy and red eye. Before he went to sleep the night before, he and I had prayed that if it was God’s will that the “bump” (what I called it when explaining it to him) would fall out that night while he slept. When he woke up with his eye looking even worse, I thought that was God’s answer. Then while I was checking his eye, Levi blinked and I watched the mass come off and slide out of his eye!! I got to watch his eye be healed! The rest of the day his eye was kind of red but by the next day, his eye was completely back to normal and it’s been fine since! Thank you for much for your prayers.

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