Praise Report from Calvary Chapel Naluko

This is from Pastor Majok in Naluko, Uganda. Please continue to keep them all in your prayers. Especially pray for all the new believers that have confessed Christ as their Lord and Savior!

Greetings brothers and sisters in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ hope this finds you well.

This serves to bring you a praise report of what God is doing in the church of Calvary Chapel Naluko and the surrounding villages through Faith Comes By Hearing program. We were able to start this program when we were locked down as a country and this came in the perfect time.

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It was at the beginning of June when we received proclaimers   and we had  a one day training for the leaders of small groups on how to use the proclaimers and it is so exciting that it is one and a half months when the listening groups are going on and God is doing tremendous work in the lives of the church  members and our communities.  Many people are getting saved and others are strongly encouraged through listening to the word of God in this program, people are getting healed spiritually, physically and emotionally, the blind are able to listen to word of God and those who cannot read are all able to listen to the word of God in their own language.

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We thank God greatly because this program came just in time when our country was put into lockdown for forty two days where people could not come or even  access  the church  premises and were disappointed, but through this program they are able to listen to the word of God, pray and access God in their homes and this makes them excited and encouraged.

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Therefore, want appreciate those that allowed God to use them to support the Faith Comes By Hearing program thanks for being hands and feet of Jesus.

  May God richly bless you

Yours in service,

Pastor Majok Abraham

Calvary Chapel Naluko

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