Prayer requests from around the world

Dan and Mihoko Bolinger – Iruma, Japan

Hello everyone, I pray all is well. We got sick. Was it the sickness? We don’t know as we did not get tested. We still don’t have health insurance. But for now we are now immune for a time from whatever it was we got. I guess we can praise the Lord for that.

It wasn’t fun for me because of my heart condition and potential for bronchitis. God was good and protected us. Pray for my energy level to increase 100 fold. Since getting sick I have been struggling with one flight of stairs and even walking from the car to the supermarket is a major chore with heavy breathing, coughing, sputtering and sitting just to catch my breath.

We are planning on getting out and meeting with many of you but we are still wanting to be over this sickness. Pray our cough stops. Pray for my stomach too as it’s still weak from the porcelain offerings that were rendered. The curse is the smell of coffee turns my stomach and this is tragic.

I (Dan) thought I had a great job all lined up but the company got a bad vibe and pulled the plug after telling me I got the job. It was sad but I trust God is protecting us. So pray for me to get a job. If anyone needs a slightly over middle aged missionary to work for them let me know? Mihoko’s gearing up for her zoom Bible study this coming month of September. She will also have a meeting with Japanese ladies here in So. Cal.

Pray for the Bible studies to be fruitful. Pray for Dan to get back to uploading messages online. Pray for wisdom. Rachel will move into the dorm at CBU next Sunday and she has secured employment. Nathan will be living at home commuting to CBU. Pray they will do well in their studies. Jane is in full swing with two or more volleyball games every week. She is loving Woodcrest Christian and will be going to Senior Retreat this week. Pray they receive from the Lord.

Thank you all for praying. God bless.

Rajiv KC – Calvary Chapel Kathmandu, Nepal

Could you please pray for wisdom and strength as I have so much to do for teaching at bible college, started the book of Proverbs as well as for my M.Div class.

Nepal is now getting more freedom:- schools, maybe churches and other public areas are opening soon.

Please lift up for my dad’s salvation, for my family safety as well as for my sister as she wanted to start a small business of her own.

Thank you all. Your prayers are much appreciated.

At His feet,

Denise Carlsen – Calvary Chapel Missionary to Sudan, South Sudan, and Northern Uganda

My prayer request: I’m heading up to Nuba Mountains Sudan to start another Church Build and more, need prayers!

Lotsa love and gratitude,

Gary and Carol Kusunoki, Anchored International Relief!

Praise: we have been able to get away with our girls for a vacation which we are really looking forward to. After three months in the field we are in need of a rest.

  1. A restful and relaxing vacation.
  2. We are headed to New York City for a 9/11 memorial that Gary is speaking at. Please pray for wisdom as this is an especially hard time for the NYPD.
  3. On 9/17 Gary is speaking at a police dinner on the subject of suicide and the Bible. Pray that God will give him discernment and prepare the hearts of those who will be there.
  4. We are planning an informational fundraiser on October 10th so prayer for a God centered, God glorifying time.
  5. We are also going to be going to Selah Hills church in Austin, Texas 9/24-9/27 to do disaster response and chaplains training.
  6. 10/15-10/16 Gary will be in Tijuana, Mexico because he is teaching at the Northern Mexico Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference.
  7. 10/23-12/15 we head back to Uganda.
  8. Pray for our busy schedule and to keep our focus on the Lord!

Charles and Levenia Jjagwe – Calvary Chapel Buwama, Uganda

Praise reports:

  • Thank God because we got rain. There was thunder and lightning. We thought the new Solar system was damaged in the storm, but it was repairable.
  • Our daughter, Deborah, got all her university classes that she needs.
  • Livinia’s arthritis is still improving. Asking the Lord to heal her.

Prayer requests:

  • We started the Bible Listening Groups and we’ve got nine groups and only two leaders. We need more leaders.
  • Regarding the Bible teaching radio program. Pray that God will touch lives and that many would be saved especially during the lockdown period.
  • Provision for the furnishing of the medical building. We need supplies, furniture, and equipment.
  • Please pray for the Ugandan government and their leaders. Wisdom regarding the lockdown and that it would be lifted soon.
  • Also, be praying for the provision of the church’s needs.
  • We’ve been having a wave of murders. 26 people were killed in one month. Please pray against this evil.
  • Please pray for protection over their family, church family and their community against this violence.

Mike and Sherill Sedillo, Hearts4Africa, Naluko, Uganda

Praise reports:

  • Going back to Uganda October 23 with Gary and Carole. I’ll be there for six weeks. Gary and Carole are staying, I think, another month after that.

Prayer requests:

  • Please pray that we get everything we need for the Uganda trip and that it all fits in our luggage. Also, please pray for peace before we leave; it’s always such a busy hectic time.
  • We can’t get the lease until the NGO paperwork is approved. Please continue to pray for the approval of the NGO paperwork.
  • That our 2012 documents that need to be notarized will get done quickly and easily.
  • Pray for Dr. Patrick’s heart in regards to the 99 year lease, that he would truly be led by the Lord. Years ago, his family gave us the land for Hearts4Africa.
  • Re October fundraiser. Praying we will get the money to cover all the salaries. They’re also having a dinner on October 9thfor their long-term donors to kick off the fundraiser.
  • Please continue to pray that God would provide help for Sherill.

Juventine and Elizabeth Emuku, Calvary Chapel Soroti, Uganda

Praise reports:

  • We’re doing ok. Family is doing ok, and we’re healthy.

Prayer requests:

  • Please pray for the kids, two are in high school. They’ve been in the same class for two years. Don’t know when schools will reopen.
  • Be praying for the two village churches that are under construction. One is almost fully complete, and the other one is just having the slab poured for the foundation. Still need provision to furnish those two buildings.
  • For the hospital things have been slow. Paying bills has been very difficult. We’re praying people would use the services that are offered, so we can pay the bills.
  • Pray for the two people that will come next week to be interviewed for the dentist position.
  • Need provision for my daughter’s introduction and wedding (for food and decorations), so it will be a good send off for our daughter for marriage.
  • Pray for an electricity connection. They are working on providing electricity to our village. They have poles but no wires. It’s proceeding very, very slow. Praying that the work would be completed before their daughter’s ceremonies.

Cal and Jessica Stuebner, Calvary Chapel Managua, Nicaragua

Prayer requests:

  • Covid cases are growing. Jessica’s school and other schools are at risk of going back online. Praying against that.
  • This year has the potential to be a better year if they don’t go on a lockdown.
  • Last Friday they had their first meeting with the youth group for the high school. It went very well.
  • This Friday will be the first meeting with the Jr. High school group. Jessica is very involved with these groups.
  • Praying for Friday movie night again.
  • Pray for me to have wisdom on the coming group that is coming.
  • Pray for the group of three young people coming out to serve. One girl that’s coming is a girl who has grown up coming out to service here on annual missions trips. Praying God will be glorified.
  • Praying for provision for the church that things will be stretched.

Jon and Allison Brechtel, Calvary Chapel Oaxaca, Mexico

Prayer requests:

  • Sometimes there’s mental stress from all the things I have to do. Things don’t always go smoothly as planned and become more time consuming.
  • Pray we would have the time for our boys. We want to be giving them the attention they need, so that they would grow up with a strong relationship with the Lord.
  • Pray for me, as I’m now teaching the youth.
  • We also still need prayer to learn more Spanish. I might have to give up teaching in the rehab center, because I don’t have a translator. Praying to find a committed translator.
  • That God would help me embrace this time of growth. I’m still a young pastor.
  • Need God’s help to stay on my diet.
  • There’s a young man named Mauricio. He was in rehab for six months, then lost his sobriety. We’re praying to get him into another rehab in Baja California.

Paul and Elizabeth Johnson – Calvary Chapel Kigali, Rwanda

Praise reports:

  • Lockdown has been lifted somewhat.

Prayer requests:

  • There’s a couple that got married in the church last month. Praying they would be discipled and walk strong in the Lord.
  • Having problems with memory issues. Had a stroke in 2001.
  • Born with extra vertebrae and it’s causing some severe chronic pain in my back. I was already dealing with chronic pain in my knees. Praying for healing.
  • We are in the process of re-registering the church. We have nearly all the paperwork. Still need them to recognize my degree.
  • We’ve had another Calvary starting in the south providence. Leary of interaction because of possible undermining.
  • Government only allows for one Calvary, so we’re not sure what’s going to happen with the new Calvary start up.

Mark and Isabelle Secor – Apache Reservation in Arizona

Praise reports:

  • God is still on the throne and still at work, despite the reservation going back on lockdown this coming Monday

Prayer requests:

  • That the lockdown will not last too long.
  • That the churches will stay open.
  • That those that were being discipled, would walk in the Lord, despite the lockdown.

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