Thoughts from Ground Zero

Yesterday was Carol and my first time back to Ground Zero after we finished the work and closed the respite center It’s so funny but after almost 20 years, one of the hardest moment for me at the 9/11 museum was this little piece of twisted metal from the WTC. It brought me back to raking through WTC debris at the Fresh Kills Landfill. We found a metal door that looked like some one had crumpled it like a piece of paper. We pried it apart and found a mans jacket that had probably been hanging on the door. I wondered if he ever made it out, if he had family, if they knew where he was. All of us working there wanted to find something to bring closure to a family member. I remember the piles of shoes there and finding someone’s ID. I don’t remember the name or the face but I will never forget the attack or the privilege of being able to work at Ground Zero.

Pastor Carlos Aviles was with me and it was also his first time back. He was an NYPD detective on 09/11/2001 and the president of Peace Officers for Christ NYPD. I know it was even more emotional for him. Especially in the Hall of Remembrance where he looked up one of his PD friends that died in the WTC.

All the NYPD, PAPD and FDNY were heroes that day. The ones that ran in when others were running out and the ones that worked almost 24/7 for weeks afterward protecting their City after the worst terrorist attack on American soil.

Pray for the families of those 1st responders and civilians that perished in the collapse and also for the many Relief workers that died from breathing the dust and fumes at the pile.


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