Let the training begin!

Last night we began training at Selah Hills Church in Austin, Texas. We are teaching a class on responding and serving in disasters. The first exercise was to break the class up into teams. Each team was given four sheets of poster paper and two rolls of scotch tape. They were told to use the resources provided for them to build a tower as tall and stable as they could. The big take away was to realize that their greatest resource was each other. The team above really got it.

Carol was able to share a testimonies of how God has used as a woman in the field and Steve taught on rapid deployment of teams.

It has been such a joy to be here and have the opportunity to pour into them. They all really have a heart to learn and Pastor Chris has been so welcoming!

We will be sharing briefly at church tomorrow and then do chaplains training on Monday. Please pray for the people to be uplifted and strengthened in the call to minister to those in need.

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