Continued prayer for my mom

Please continue to pray for my mother Hagi. This is the latest update from my sister.

My mother, as you know, is now in St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester, England. She has been diagnosed with Euglycemic DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) and although her vitals and bloods are good, she is unresponsive at the moment but is not in a coma. The next 24 hours are critical as to how her recovery might be.

She is very dehydrated. She also refused to eat and drink for 4 days, although the last two days she did start to drink quite a bito f water. We gave her rehydrating water, water with electrolytes and Lucozade, but it wasn’t enough and she kept deteriorating although her vitals remained good.

On Monday I called the ambulance as she said she had a pain in her chest. When she came into the emergency unit she was very acidotic and she had high ketones, but her blood sugar was relatively normal. This is because she was on medication, an SGLT2 Inhibitor, which prevents the glucose from going very, very high. They have since taken her off these medications and have been treating this with fluids, insulin and fluids with potassium in it. The acidosis has been improving throughout this morning, and they are going to do another blood test later this afternoon, then if that has improved, and her acidosis is completely resolved, they are then going to take her off the fixed rate insulin infusion on to a variable rate which is an amount of insulin tailored to her blood sugars.

My mother is being managed by an endocrinology specialist and they have a plan for how they manage my mother’s condition after we are over this acute episode. According to the doctor, she is still ‘very unwell’ but not as bad as last night. When I went in today she was totally unresponsive, which to me shows a decline, but they said she was not in a coma and that they were encouraged by her blood work. Apparently the next 24 hours are critical as to how her recovery might be.

I cannot thank all of you enough for the prayers and support you have been given us. They have helped immensely.

With much love from,


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