Continued Prayer Needed for Mom

Please continue in prayer for my mom, Hagi. We were really encouraged this morning as we went to visit her in the hospital and found her awake and alert and sitting in a chair next to her bed. The only issue was that she wasn’t eating. Cognatively she was doing well and asked for her word search book which was a great sign. We went back tonight and she had taken a little turn for the worse. Her blood sugars had increased and they found her keynotes had increased which is not good. She was not as energetic and still would not eat or drink anything. She has really not had anything by mouth since Thursday. Cognatively she was still aware and oriented she just seemed tired and depressed (who wouldn’t be in the hospital). Please pray. They will allow us to spend more time in the room with her however they still want to limit it to one person a day. They have allowed me to go in and pray with her even when the girls were there. Since the girls are both PICU nurses both the doctors and the nurses shared her chart with them. I’m so glad they are here because they know what questions to ask and the medical staff seems to give them more information. Thank you to everyone who has been praying. Sharon’s friends here and Ian’s family are all so nice and do so much for us. We can’t thank them enough.

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