Praise Report and Continued Prayer for Hagi

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for my mom. God is answering your prayers and today is the best day she has had. She ate a few bites of food at each meal today which is a major improvement over the last week when she has not eaten at all. Please pray that this will continue. We actually got her to smile and laugh today which we have not seen or heard since she got sick almost a week ago. She has literally gone from death’s door to making general improvement in the last few days. We are so thankful to God for this miracle. She was even joking with her nurse today who was flushing her IV and caused her a little pain. She said “ouch!” then looked at the nurse smiling and said “you better watch it or I might bop you one.” Thankfully the nurse understood American humor. Mom even told us a story about Dad that I hadn’t heard before which was so great to hear. She is so thankful that two of her granddaughters were here. I know she wished all of them could be here. She told me, “you have a good family and a good wife.” Amen to that. Once again we are greatly encouraged. Please pray that this upward trend will continue. Also, pray that we can get her transferred into a private room. They have been allowing us to come in an feed mom and spend quite a bit of time with her on the ward. Today they said that starting tomorrow it will most likely be one person a day for only one hour unless she is in her own room. All the private rooms were full today so pray we can get her in one tomorrow. Thank you all so much. Your prayers and words of encouragement mean so much to her and to all of us.

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