Prayer Update for Mom 10/24/21

Today was a pretty good day for mom. She continues to eat and drink which is a great sign. She was a little bit sleeper today but still seems to be making improvement. Please pray that they will allow us to keep going in and feeding her breakfast, lunch and dinner. She just does better when she sees us. We were told they may cut us back to one person for one hour a day which I think will be really hard for mom. We are also praying she can get off the ward and into a private room tomorrow as they should be freer with visiting if she is. We have been showing her videos of the girls and she loves it. If she can just eat more and drink more water we feel she will be strong enough to get up, move around and eventually discharged. She is still very with it cognitively so that continues to be a great sign. Thank you to everyone who have sent prayers and well wishes her way. Mom says she feels the love and needs the prayers!

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