Update on mom for 10/26/21

Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes! I cannot express just how much it means to our family.

This is my daughter Elizabeth’s update:

Grandma did great today with eating. A whole bowl of miso soup for breakfast and 2/3 of a bowl of udon and a whole popsicle. PT had not seen her yet. Nurse is hopeful she’ll be able to come home in the next few days. Courtney spoke with the doctor who assured her they are still treating grandma and not giving up. She saw her improvement and said she wants to watch her a few more days til she’s more stable on her feet. Infection control wasn’t very happy that they were making exceptions for us to come in for feedings so the nurse said they may have to change the rules and go back to no visitors which she would hate because she see the benefits of us being with grandma. She was waiting for a call from her manager. The nurse had told infection control that they needed to make the exception because she’ll only eat Japanese food and she only eats when her family is there, so they were okay with it, but not happy. Per the nurse they are going to run a culture on her urine finally but who knows if they’ll do anything about it because she told me they never send samples because it always comes back positive 🙄 I told her that’s because it probably is (in a nicer way haha) grandma looked much better and said she was almost feeling back to normal!
This evening when my sister went in to give mom dinner she was not quite as chipper. They had tried to get her up for physical therapy but she was too tired and weak and could only stand for a short time and then had to sit down. She could not take any steps. She still ate pretty well but Sharon said she seemed more sad. We are so appreciative of the hospital allowing us to go in three times a day to feed her. I know it creates an issue even with the other patients but when mom couldn’t see us before she was declining rapidly and giving up. Please pray that we can get her into home health care. The big issue seems to be that mom needs to be able to walk to the bathroom before they can release her.

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