A Ugandan Wedding and Why they are Important

I don’t think I even realized the place of the wedding celebration in this culture until this trip. I wondered why it had to be such a big deal and why they would spend so much when they have nothing in the first place. Saturday’s wedding in Buwama was not only the first wedding at Calvary Chapel it was the first Christian wedding in the area in seven years. It was more than solemnizing their vows it was a total witness to the community. This couple had come under criticism from family and friends for even having a wedding. They already had three children and had been together for a few years. They had gone through a cultural marriage why did they need to be married in the church? I think Daisy the bride said it well. “At first I went astray and did things wrong, now I know that I need to do things right in God’s eyes. Witchcraft is so prevalent here and a Christian wedding stands out in stark contrast to their demonic service.

The wedding celebration was truly a feast of celebration of what God had done in the lives off this couple to renew and transform them. The church stood in support of them and helped them as they were able but the whole community wanted to come and see this.

There were more than 500 people there, the Gospel was shared and God was glorified. These are people who would never darken the doorway of Calvary Buwama but would come out for a wedding. Pray for this community that is so steeped in dark practices. Their supposed medical cures are killing people and keeping them from getting the medical care they so desperately need. Even more importantly it is keeping them from knowing Jesus as their Lord and savior.

That is why it is so important to open Pastor Charles medical clinic. They building has been built but we still need to buy all the furniture and equipment they will need along with staff in order to open. Please pray for God’s provision in this.

Pray for our team as the last four members join us late tonight.

In Christ,

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