Pray for our team in Uganda

Please pray for out daughters Elizabeth, Courtney and Hanna. Elizabeth and Courtney have typhoid. Elizabeth is the worst and Courtney’s symptoms are mild. This is the first time in 28 years of bringing teams that any of us have gotten typhoid.

Hanna has malaria which is a shock since she hasn’t even been here a week. She is not terrible at this point but was pretty sick on Saturday. They put Hanna on an IV medication as this is the first time she has ever had malaria so they don’t want to take any chances with oral medication. Pray for her as the medication can make her pretty sick before she feels better.

Also pray for our son Majok and future daughter-in-law Laura’s wedding on Saturday. Their decorator who was to supply the tents, tables, chairs and decorations for the wedding and reception said she won’t be coming to the wedding. She has been paid 85% of what she was owed and was not due the other 15% until later this week. She demanded final payment last Saturday because she misused the money they gave her for the introduction, did not supply everything she was supposed to and did not have enough money to pay her staff. Since they said they would pay her according to the contract she said she said she wouldn’t be coming and if they didn’t like it they could call the police. She has taken almost $4,000 for the wedding so far. As you can imagine this has both the bride and groom very upset and anxious.

We know that God is in control and that he has been glorified and the gospel shared with so many already. Majok and Laura want their wedding to be a witness to all their unsaved relatives and friends.

Pray that no one else on the team gets sick. We already had the disappointment of our daughter Heather not being able to come because she got covid. Pray for her to continue to improve and recover completely. Pray for God’s hand of protection and favor over our team and family. Pray that Majok and Laura will be able to find someone else to bring everything they need for the wedding and that we will have the finances.

Everyone else seems to be healthy so far.

God is in control and we are trusting in Him.

Gary I. Kusunoki

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