Prayer requested

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Please be in prayer for my family and the people of Naluko. We have all been hit with Covid while in Uganda. Carol, Rebecca and I were supposed to fly back to the US last Tuesday but we got sick and ended up testing positive for Covid. We have been isolating in a hotel in Entebbe ever since. Faith and Elizabeth felt fine and tested negative so they went home on Tuesday because Elizabeth is supposed to start a new job in Colorado on the 11th. When they got to LA Elizabeth started feeling sick and also tested positive. Faith is also sick but has been testing negative so far. Our son Majok and his dad Garang also have Covid as do so many people in the village.

Please be in prayer for the people in Naluko. The sheer volume of sick people have overwhelmed the little Hearts for Africa medical center and they have run out of test kits and medicine. So far no one is critically ill but they desperately need more supplies.

We are doing okay just extremely weak and coughing. Please pray for healing and for a negative test so we can travel home after the quarantine period.

If you feel led to help the Naluko hospital you can click on the link below. Thank you all for your prayers!

Gary I. Kusunoki
Chief Executive Officer
Anchored International Relief
28241 Crown Valley Parkway Suite F491
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Office: +1(949)432-6777

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