Pray for the boys at school!

The boys first day of school! Well, the girls are off and school to so today Carol, Rebecca, Majok and Laura took their brothers Eddie, Junior and Matia to their new school.

They had only had two months of schooling prior to the lockdown almost two years ago. The last two years have been hard for them as they stayed with their grandmother. We could not take them all in though we wanted to but Calvary Naluko helped them with food and medical care whenever they could.

What a joy it was to be able to take them to school today. These boys who could never afford new shoes or even a mattress now have a nice school uniform, three pairs of shoes and a mattress to start school.

They were so excited! Please pray for them as they begin their education that they will learn all the God has for them. They are in a Christian boarding school not far from Naluko so Majok and Laura can keep an eye on them. There grandma was so thankful that her boys have the opportunity to get an education that would have been impossible for her to provide. God is so good and has great plans for these kids!

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