We are back in the USA but still working!

We’ve gone from the heat of the Ugandan dry season to the cold of a Colorado winter! Thank you all for praying us home!

It is so good to be home with family and friends but we miss our family and friends in Uganda. We are in Colorado with our daughter Heather who is dealing with long haul Covid and has not been able go back to work as a neonatal intensive care nurse since early November. Please keep her in your prayers!

Even though we are in the US, we are still busy in the Uganda. We have begun a new water well drilling project with Calvary Chapel Naluko.

The pond in the photo above is the only source of water for about 1,500 people in the nearby village of Namungale. This area does not have any clean water available to them. The water is so contaminated everyone drinking from it is sick. This is a killer for the young and vulnerable. Our girls and boys that we sent to school last month are from this area and it was this contaminated water that contributed to Naka and Rose being so severely malnourished last year. We couldn’t leave them or the others in the area in this situation.

At the beginning of February we began to drill a well here. Today we hit water!

We are praying we can cap the well and begin pumping clean water in another two weeks! This is only the first of what we hope will be many more wells in the area.

As we provide this life saving water we are reminded that it is Jesus that gives us the water welling up to eternal life! That is the message Calvary Naluko will share with the community when they dedicate the well.

As soon as we finish this well we will begin on well number 2 and continue to raise funds for even more. Each well costs between $7,000 and $8,000 and each one supplies water to well over a 1,000 people. There are so many other areas that are in the same situation.

If you’d like to help with this life giving project please use this link below be praying and watching in the next couple of weeks for the completion of well number 1!


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