Please be in prayer for this family.

This is a family at our daughter Faith’s church and small group in Houston. They have a baby Everett that was born seven days ago with a large aggressive brain tumor. Surgery is now being scheduled for Wednesday or Thursday. The outlook is not good so they are asking for prayer. Here us their latest update.


This is the last post from Adam:

Some serious conversations with the whole team today and we all agree the best option is to go ahead with the attempt to remove the tumor. It will help the worsening seizures (close to being intubated because of the amount of anti seizure medications he is requiring causing sedation) and it will give a diagnosis, which then conveys the treatment options and prognosis.

We love the NICU intensivist, the neurosurgeon, the neurologist and the oncologist – all of them are great people. We trust in them to do what is possible and best for Everett and we all believe this is the best for him in this situation.

No clear time yet for the surgery tomorrow, more than likely afternoon though. We are loving on him as much as we can while we have him – we are grateful even for this time with him.

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