Update on Baby Everett

This the latest update on the baby we are praying. Everett’s parents are both medical doctors.

Everett Update 2/15:

Last night ended with some phone calls and we discussed about postponing the surgery until Thursday to have it be the best possible scenario/set up which is
very reasonable and an under appreciated aspect of a surgeons job which is managing so many patients and limited resources, including time, that many times are out of their control.
Early this morning he was found to have some pupil asymmetry which is really his first overt sign outside of seizures of the tumor and drastically changes the
situation. He was intubated and placed on a versed drip to further control seizures, starting mannitol for help
reduce the intracranial pressure and he is currently getting a CT scan of the brain to mostly look for bleeding.
There is a lot of uncertainty in the future and I’m sure today is going to be a long day but we are prepared as we can be and again just thankful for everyone’s support and all of the team helping Everett.

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