Update on baby Everett

Here is the latest on baby Everett. Please be praying!

Everett update 2/17:

Despite the complexity the nurses and RT helped set Christine up to hold Everett this morning before surgery. They also help prepare breast milk from the milk bank to perform routine oral care (wet a sponge and wetting the mouth). Both are greatly appreciated by us.

Will head back the OR shortly and then will likely be there most of the day. Thank you everyone for prayers and support. ————
Surgery (to try and remove the brain tumor) officially started at 9:32am, expected to take anywhere from 4-8 hours with possibilities for both extremes too.

Thankful for an interest in photography an spending too much on cameras and lenses given how dark the NICU is, we had limited angles but certainly as able will make an album to document and upload photos. When the content is so great the details matter less.

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