Update on baby Everett’s surgery.

Pray for a miraculous recovery!

(From Adam) Post – surgery update:

Things went as well as they could have according to the surgeons! He was “very happy” with how things went, which is the best thing to hear. They feel like they got nearly all of the tumor which is one of the biggest factors in very young children brain tumors.

There is certainly risk of recurrence/residual disease and studies note that these are rare and we lack great prognostic studies. What we take it to mean is enjoy every day we have with our little boy and don’t live in fear of the future. We are thrilled with the outcome for today and will have to move a day at a time going forward.

We will likely post every couple of days now that this huge hurdle is passed and to not emotionally tire everyone out, no news is good news! Praying that he is able to be extubated by Monday and that his seizures are able to be controlled on less sedating medications.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support – we know we are only at the beginning of our journey with Everett.

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