Newest praise report and prayer for Baby Everett

Everett update 2/26:

Look who gets to wear a onesie today! He has transitioned to breastfeeding and is doing very well overall. A lot of babies have a difficult time eating after
having a breathing tube, so we are proud. He was evaluated by neuro and does not have new seizures, though he is at higher risk. Neurosurgery says the blood clots are stable and should dissolve on their own within the month. We are likely going home soon, and we are very excited.

Prayer points
-That the cancer was completely removed and will not grow back; that we can use gene therapy (medicine
targeted to specific cancer that does not have bad side effects like chemo; we will know if he is eligible next week pending testing). We will continue to get MRIs every 3 months -The blood clots in the brain resolve and have no negative effects
-Full physical and neurological recovery. He has R leg weakness and right hemi-neglect (does not acknowledge or use his R side much) which should improve with therapy, time, and dissolving blood clots. Head shape should also normalize in ~2-3 months -Continues to feed well and gain weight
-Seizures to stay controlled and be able to wean off the medications

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