Update from Romania/Ukraine Team PLEASE DO NOT POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA

Here is an update from our team that is currently on the Romanian/Eukranian border

This place is called casa Harry

It is a well known summer camp for the area. Well equipped and well taken care of.

The children you see are related. The grandma is with them also. There is a mother with here 3 children and the children of either her sister or brothers children also. The mom and dad stayed back to help at their church. The father is a pastor.

The children range from 3-15 yrs old.

Sophia is 10 yrs old. She needed new shoes. She is pictured being held by Allen. He helps at the camp.

The camp was known by someone at Biserica Baptista where we are staying. The children were taken there last Wednesday night.

We were able to communicate through Google translate. From English to Russian and them from Russian to English. It was a blessing and we were able to share hope and prayers for each other. They are so thankful and grateful for the things we brought and spending time with them.

This was the place I referred to as the camp. We brought food, shampoo, toothpaste, detergent, coffee maker.

Pastor James

Over 4,000,000 refugees have crossed the border from Ukraine to neighboring countries. 98% of them are women and children. Many of the children were sent to safety while their parents stayed behind to defend their nation or help others.

We have delivered food, clothing a generator and other supplies. The woolen are so grateful. Here is a text from the heads of the camp where the kids are. Our team didn’t get to meet them because they were sick.

“I am not totaly recovered but its much better…. Casi is also better but still very week…. The prayers of saints are helping us go further when its hard for us even to pray! Its so amasing to have you pray and help and didnt even meet! This is the Lord!”

From Pastor James:

“We have only been communicating by phone and text. Thought I would share how the love of Christ is ministering to the locals as well as the refugees.”

The needs are tremendous!

Thank you for your prayers and support. Don’t stop!

If you would like to donate to help the refugees in Ukraine you can use this link. 100% of all donations will go to help the effort.


Note: all donations go through Promise Child and are transferred directly to AIR.


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