Pray for Rose!

Here is some more detailed information on Rose.

Rose is the little girl we met in the village of Naluko four years ago. We all fell in love with her. Two years later she was severely malnourished, suffering from anemia and malaria. She had been through so much in her life being abandoned by her mother and abused. At 9 years old she was left to cook and care for her younger sister. They often went without food and were dressed in what we would call rags.

She, her 7 year old sister Naka and 15 year old step sister Joy were brought to Pastor Majok and Laura and with the help of Susan they nursed them back to health. When school opened after a two year closure we were able to get them all into a Christian school. They began to flourish and grow, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

From left to right: Rose, Joy, Susan and Naka

Last Thursday evening Majok was called by the school and told that Rose is vomiting blood. They asked them to wait until Friday morning but Majok insisted that they be allowed to come and get her that night. We were out of the area at the time so he sent a friend to get her and she was taken to the Hearts for Africa Hospital in Naluko. They ran tests and found that she was severely anemic, had malaria and typhoid. Her hemoglobin level was at a 2. Normal for a girl her age is between 10 and 15.5. We were told that if we had waited for the morning she probably would have died. She received two transfusions and was referred to Bethesda Hospital in Soroti. On Sunday we brought her to Soroti and on Monday she went through some tests. Her hemoglobin level had returned to normal but she they found blood in her stools. They diagnosed her with an ulcer and referred her to a hospital in Mbale for an endoscopy. We are at Mount Elgon Hospital right now waiting for them to take her in.

Please pray for her as she has to undergo general anesthesia. Pray that they can locate the ulcers that are bleeding and cauterize them. She has already missed a week of school and is heading into midterm exams in a week and this will put her behind.

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