Continued prayer for Rose

This little girl is such a trooper. We just got back to the village from Mbale after her endoscopy yesterday. We had her hemoglobin levels tested again and she was still very low showing that she is severely anemic. Normal hemoglobin levels for a child 6-12 years old is 11.2-14.5 g/dl and today she was at 6.8. If you remember when we first got her from school she was at a 2 which could be fatal. So she had to get poked again however this time her veins kept blowing up and they had to poke her more than six times. Rose usually never makes a sound when she gets shots or IV’s but today she was screaming in pain. It was torturous for her and gut wrenching for us. We were all in tears and praying that they would get a good stick. They finally got it and she received one unit of blood.

Please pray that the ulcers will heal and she would be able to build her blood back up. The doctor wants to keep her home from school for another week to try and get her stabilized.

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