A hard day! Prayer needed. Updated

To say that today was a hard, gut wrenching day would be such an understatement. We traveled to the Omugo Refugee Camp in Northern Uganda. Omugo is home to more than 100,000 South Sudanese people who have fled fighting and famine in their homeland. Most have witnessed horrible atrocities from indiscriminate killing to rape and starvation. They fled to try and find a better life only to find poverty, disease and hunger in the camp that was supposed to be a safe haven. Citing budget shortfalls the UN who provides food for the refugees has had to cut their rations by almost 75% of what was needed to sustain them. We heard story after story of the hardships being experienced by these refugees and it was heartbreaking. Inadequate access to food, water, sanitation and medical care. Everywhere we looked in just one little portion of the camp we saw malnourished children and adults. Then we met little Charles Daata (pictured above), a little two year old boy possibly with spina bifida. He was in severe acute malnutrition. It hurt to even look at him. His little wail and sunken eyes just seemed to cry out for help. He and his mom had been abandoned by the father when Charles was just a baby. There was an opportunity for Charles to have life changing surgery that would have given him a chance and a more functional life. His father had to sign a consent form for the surgery but instead of signing it he tore it up and said he didn’t want to be a father to a “cripple.” He pushed them out of the home and abandoned them. Things got worse and his mother could not feed him. She brought him to Pastor Emmanuel (Emma) at Calvary Chapel Omugo and Emmanuel brought him to us.

We had Dr/Pastor Charles JJAGWE with us and he examined him. He told us what we already knew. Little Charles was dying. We immediately gave Pastor Emma the money to have Charles transported to a hospital/feeding about two hours away to be treated. Please pray that God would not only heal him of the malnutrition but also the spina bifida.

I also had the opportunity to teach at Calvary Omugo’s very first midweek study. The Lord gave me a word from Romans 8 and He told them that He loved them, He had not forgotten them and no amount of suffering and poverty could separate them from His love. When we gave the altar call about 10-15 people came forward to accept the Lord.

Following the message Pastor Emma had parents start bringing children up. At first we thought it was for a baby dedication but Pastor Emma said, “no, this is not a dedication. These are parents bringing up their malnourished children for you to pray over.”

Tomorrow we go back to the camp to pray and strategize with Pastor Emma and his wife Lydia. They have such a love for these people!

Thank you to all of you that are praying for us and supporting the work of Anchored International Relief. It is because of your generosity that we are able to help people like little Charles. Please keep praying for the work here. The need is overwhelming.

If you feel led to help financially with our work you can use the link below to give to us through Promise Child.


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