Prayer update on the kids!

Thank you all for praying for the children! A few of you have asked for updates so here they are.

Rose is doing so much better. Her hemoglobin levels are returning to normal and she was able to go back to school today. She missed about three weeks of school but it is a miracle that she is even alive. The school promised to watch out for her and feed her a special diet to help heal her ulcers.

Little Charles Data seems to be improving. He spent three days in the hospital while they treated his malaria and started him on supplemental feeding. He was sent home yesterday and we were able to give him and his family some extra food.

He came home with special food so we also gave the rest of the family food to keep them from eating his food.

Jackson Given is also improving and has gone back to the hospital for another check up.

Please continue to pray for these precious children!

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