Update on Charles Data

2 year old Charles June 29th and today.

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for baby Charles. When we met Charles at the Omugo Refugee camp he was severely malnourished a close to dying. He and his mother had been abandoned by his father because he said he was not going to be father to a cripple.

We were able to get him to a nutritional hospital about an hour away. They kept him for three days and sent him home we think to die. God had other plans and so far Charles is growing healthier every day. Keep praying not only for healing from the malnutrition but also that we can him help for what we think is spina bifida.

Here is the update we received today from Pastor Emma of Calvary Chapel Omugo.

1. He is gaining weight
2. He is looking healthy
3. Is free from scabies
4. The swelling behind his head seems to be disappearing slowly.

Requests for him
1. Review in Koboko
2. More F100 food
3. More medicines for Scabies for the mother and the other child
4. Food for the family.

Thank you all for your prayers and giving. Please keep praying as we expect things to be even worse in August throughout Uganda.

If you would like to keep helping with the Anchor of Hope Feeding Project please use this link to give through Promise Child.


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