Prayer update for the Calvary Naluko team!

Thank you all who played a big role in praying for us and all your support. we want to share a brief update on our trip so far.

On Wednesday 3rd of August, a team of 20 set off from iganga to one of the refugees camp for an outreach. As we drove through the national park,a group of elephants and their calves were right in front of us, so we slowed down and one of our friends Driving didn’t realise there were elephants in front of us and that we had slowed down so he ended up hitting one of the cars so bad that his car crashed in the front.

 A few of our friends sustained injuries and we were able to rush them to the nearest hospital which was about 15 to 20 km from where we crashed. Even with that terrible car condition and amidst the elephants, we continue to thank and praise God for preserving our lives.

In the middle of the national park,without any park rangers or armed guards,12 of us stayed back because we didn’t have any means to transport us to a safe place, since the only car that was still in good shape rushed the injured ones to the hospital. So we just stayed there and gave the elephants company or vice versa but God was so faithful to us that he brought people our way to help transport us to a safe place even without asking.Our help definitely does come from the Lord.

A gentleman with a 12 seater car just parked right in front of us and offered to take us to some place safe,a way from the wild animals.That was such a great reminder to us at that time that God is in charge and He will never leave us,His plans for us are great that we can’t even imagine.

As we sat and waited in this safe place, we had some members at the hospital, some in police making statements and some waiting inside the park,and we all just prayed and encouraged one another.

Pastor Abraham and a few members were figuring out a way of transporting the crashed cars out of the park to the garage but it took us about 4 hours to try and talk to the authorities and finally we had to pay a fine and so they helped us transport the cars out. Praise the Lord.

Later that evening, everyone was still in shock, traumatised and psychologically hurt so we spent some time talking and in prayer as the Lord guided us. The next morning 4th August which was a Thursday, we had to finalise with a few things the authorities had asked us to do before we set off which we did and by 3pm ,12 of us jumped on a bus to the refugees camp as the rest used the other car.We reached the camps safely at exactly 10:30pm and pitched our tents and we were ready for the next day. 
Today ,Friday morning we all look like nothing has happened, The joy of the Lord is on us and we are ready to serve him and accomplish what he wants us to do.

We were able to be part of a wedding preparation for one of the members at pastor Emmanuel’s Church here at the camps which is to take place on Sunday the 7th and it was such a blessing to be able to help and pray with them.please pray it turns out to be a success.
We were also very privileged to spend some time with the children where we all had such a great time of dancing,singing ,playing and praying together. 

We shared from Romans 8:28, jeremiah 29:11 and 2 Timothy 4:1-5. It was such a great encouragement to us knowing that Whatever happened ,God allowed it to be that way and that it all happened for Good,He has great plans for us and we are encouraged to be ready in and out of season,continuing the work the Lord has called us to do according to His will.

We have 4 more days to spend here and share with the people. Please pray that God will use each and every one of us to minister to our brothers and sisters and to bring Glory to His name. Please Pray that God will provide for the crashed cars to be fixed and that the owners will be lenient and understanding as we discuss about the payments and also please pray for a way we will travel back to iganga and for safe journey mercies.

Again,we want to thank and bless everyone of you that stood with us in prayer and supported us in any way.May God richly bless you, keep you, make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. We love you all in jesus name. Blessings . ●Laura Grace

God bless u all for praying for us.


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