Prayer update for the AIR medical team at the Omugo Refugee Camp

Dr/Pastor Charles Jjagwe treating patients.

Dear Pastor Gary,

We thank you for praying. We had a fruitful second day of the medical camp at Omugo Refugee Settlement. We began treating the patients early in the day and closed the day at 6pm. We saw more patients today than yesterday of similar conditions like of yesterday but more severe cases of Malaria especially children and several patients with depression. Rose who broke into tears as she explained her bitterness due to the abandonment by her husband soon after fleeing to Uganda for refugee from the war in South Sudan developed peptic ulcers. She is taking care of the children alone. The smile came to her face when we told her that Jesus cared for her and her burden could only be carried by Him when we shared from Mathew 11: 28-29!
Malnutrition was visible in both children and adults. When we asked the patients who had been sick for more days without going to hospitals, they replied that, even when they go to hospitals, they do not get the medicine. They appreciated the medical care services rendered to them by Anchored International Relief through Calvary Chapel Omugo!

As we go back to Omugo tomorrow for the third and last day of our medical camp, we shall target to treat more of the children and elderly as these are more affected by diseases and malnutrition. Pray that God continues to provide to render regular medical care services and food to the most vulnerable!

Pray for another fruitful day tomorrow and good health for the team. Also thank you for prayers, Norah is now better!

God bless you.

Jjagwe Charles

Patients in the waiting line

A community Village Health Team member sharing with Patients

Patients in line to be treated

Treating the patients

Medicine dispensing

Medicine dispensing to patients

Norah the Laboratory technician taking blood sample to investigate the Malaria parasites

Giving IV medicine to a child with severe Malaria

Examining a malnourished old man with Peptic ulcers and Asthma

Severely malnourished man

Patients get medicine through the dispensing window

Patients receive medicine


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