God’s Goodness in 2022 and Hope for 2023

As we prepare to end 2022 and enter the new year it is important to look back and thank the Lord for all that He has done in our ministry.

The picture above really emphasizes why we do what we do. The love we are able to share with the least, the last and the lost! Pictured above are six of the children that now live with us full-time in the Anchor of Hope House. We provide food, clothing, shelter, medicine, education and most importantly the love of Jesus Christ! The joy you see on the children’s faces is what gives us joy as they respond to the love that has been shown to them for the first time in their lives. They finally feel safe from harm, provided for and that someone really cares for them. Pastor Majok, his wife Laura, Susan and Lydia pour into them every day, teaching them life skills, going over school work and disciplining them when necessary. We thank you all for your prayer and support that allows us to give them a chance at life that they never would have had.

This little girl lives at one of the leper colonies where we work in South Asia. She will spend all of her formative years living here because a family member has leprosy. For most of us in the first world we think leprosy is a thing of the past but according to the World Health organization more than 170,000 new cases are diagnosed worldwide. Lepers are often isolated and ostracized not only from society but even their own family members. At the outreach we did there in November, one of the residents at the colony said, “our own children never visit us but you guys keep coming back.” We told them it’s because Jesus loves them and so do we.

This is a little 5 year old named Shantai. She lived the first four years of her life with the last two fingers on both hands fused together. She could not write or hold things normally and was constantly teased by other children because she was “not normal.” She did not want to go to school because she wasn’t like the other kids and they were mean to her. AIR was able to pay for her to have three surgeries to separate and straighten her fingers. Now her mom says she loves school! Her smile is a reward that is worth more than words.

Our Tijuana PD chaplains are working hand and hand with the police department to reach at risk youth and divert them from gangs, drugs and alcohol. What’s our program? It’s the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Giving them a hope that is beyond this life and something or someone to live for. In the last year we have had hundreds of youth give their lives to Jesus Christ and commit to living a life for Him and away from gangs and drugs!

As we look ahead to 2023 we are excited to continue the work at hand. In addition to what has already been mentioned, we have our coffee house in Nepal, outreach in the refugee camp, our farming project, well drilling, and a feeding center for malnourished children in Uganda. Would you pray about helping us reach even more with physical, emotional and spiritual help? Pray for the work of God through Anchored International Relief. If you feel led to help financially you can click on the link below.


We also have teams heading out to the field in 2023. June 17 to July 1st will be a trip to Uganda to work with the malnourished and needy in Naluko. In October or November 2023 we will be headed back to Nepal with a team. In addition we will be doing frequent trips to Mexico to work with our chaplains and other churches. Our first trip will be February 11th for a one day trip to Tijuana to serve and minister to the couples there at their Valentines Dinner. If you are interested in going with us on one of our teams you can use the link below to fill out the missions application.


May the Lord bless you this Christmas and give you a joy filled and prosperous New Year! Thank you to all of you who have stood with us in prayer, giving and going with us into the field!

Gary I. Kusunoki
Chief Executive Officer
Anchored International Relief
28241 Crown Valley Parkway Ste. F491
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Phone: +1(949)274-4468
Email: gary.k@anchoredrelief.org
Website: www.anchoredrelief.org

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