Prayer for Jemimah

This is Jemimah. Jemimah is our daughter-in-law Laura’s niece. She lives in Uganda, is 15 years old and dealing with a debilitating illness that is causing her hip to deteriorate to the point that she needs a hip replacement and is in terrible pain. She is exhibiting signs of sickle cell anemia but has had conflicting test results so the doctors aren’t sure what is wrong. She also is frequently sick with other illness as she seems to have a compromised immune system. Please pray for a complete healing, relief from the pain and wisdom for the doctors. We know that the Great Physician can heal her! Pray for the family as it so hard for them to watch her suffering and not know what to do. Thank you for your prayers! #prayer#uganda#calvarysouthoc#selahhillschurch#sicklecell

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