Tijuana Blessing!

Some of our team ministering at the Haitian Refugee center.

“Some of the people we started with in Haiti died along the way….”

This was the testimony one of the Haitian refugees shared with us as he recounted the journey from Haiti to Tijuana. Boats between islands and then 15 days of walking to get here. “We want a better life. If our president can be killed what chance do we have there?” They shared of a desire for a better life either in Mexico or the United States. Those wanting to come to the US were committed to getting here legally. When Chaplain Ramierez asked the camp manager what the greatest needs were he said simple, “Hope.” He said if you can share words of Hope with them that would be good. The greatest message of hope that we have is the hope of salvation through a relationship with Jesus Christ. So we shared the Gospel and many of them prayed to ask Jesus into their hearts.

The people live in makeshift tents and shelters, sometimes for months.

We also distributed shampoo, soap, a special soup they like and sunglasses. Our plan is to go back and work with these refugees and their children to assess more of their needs and how to help.

Calvary Chapel Tijuana Couples Dinner

From the refugee center we went back to Calvary Chapel Tijuana where the @calvarysouthoc team went right to work preparing a sit down dinner for 120 people. Chef Marty Wells from Bad to the Bone barbecue prepared an incredible meal which was expertly served by our team! The church was blessed beyond measure and so many said they never had a meal like that.

Chef Marty and the team from Calvary South OC

At the end many of the couples stood up to recommit their lives and marriages to the Lord! What a great end to a blessed night! Thank you team!

Pastor Gary sharing the Gospel!

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