Another baby in the arms of Jesus.

We are so sad to announce the passing of little two year old Charles Data from his mom’s arms to the loving arms of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ! He passed at the end of January due to complications from extreme anemia and malaria. While I am so sad at his passing I am blessed that for the last eight months of his life we were able to bring him back from the brink of starvation and give he, his mother and brother a life that is supplied with food, medical care and the love of Christ from us, Pastor Emmanuel and his wife Lydia. We will continue to care for his brother Daniel who is five years old. Charles was loved to the end of this life and now will be loved forever in the presence of Jesus. Thank you for all of you who have co-labored with us in praying, giving or going. Please pray for Daniel and so many other children we want to help in the same way! If you would like to co-labor with us in supporting them financially you can go to the donate tab of our website and pick Anchor of Hope from the drop down menu. Even $25 will support one of these children with food and medical care for a month.

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