Joy in the House of the Lord!

Kathy Bailey teaching the wives of the senior pastors

There was joy in the house today on Day 2 of the East Africa Senior Pastors’ and Wives Conference. We had 2 lively worship sessions, 3 main teaching sessions taught by Pastors David Guzik and David Grisante, and 2 breakout sessions. Kathy Bailey taught 60 pastors’ wives in 2 sessions. The themes of the day were LOVE … both the Lord’s love for us and God’s love that flows through us, and building COMPANIONSHIP with our spouses. It was great seeing the senior pastors and their wives, many of whom live in remote areas, creating new friends, enjoying fellowship with old friends, and praying for one another. Many have made a point to say “thank you” and to express their gratitude for the teachings, and even more have asked us to send their love back to those in America who were not able to be here this year.

Pastor Juventine Emuku and Pastor David Guzik
A room full of rejoicing!
One of the couples being blessed and built up!
Day two of the dental clinic!

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