Calvary Chapel Buwama

“How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate of heaven.” Genesis 28:17

After serving in Midigo for over 19 years, the Lord called Pastor Charles to return to Buwama to start a new work. Since he and his family arrived in Buwama in December 2020, they have established Calvary Chapel Buwama, the only bible teaching church within a 200 kilometer radius. Within the compound next to the church, they planted a peaceful pine forest where church members are invited to come, rest, and seek the Lord. They also recently opened a much needed Medical Treatment Center near the church.

Their immediate vision is to share the gospel and teach the Word so that people are set free from legalism, drug abuse, sorcery, alcoholism and witchcraft. Their long-term vision includes a full service hospital in Buwama and additional church plants within the surrounding villages. As they are building the church, the Medical Treatment Center, and a home for themselves, the Lord is using Pastor Charles and Levenia to establish a church built on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

In the 23 plus years that I (Steve Bailey) have known Pastor Charles and his wife, Levenia, I have known them to be Spirit-filled servant leaders who have given their all for the cause of Christ. So, when Pastor Charles invited my wife Kathy and I to teach at a marriage conference at Calvary Chapel Buwama, we had no choice but to say “yes!” Truly the presence of the Lord was in this place as we worshipped, opened God’s Word together, played games, enjoyed sweet fellowship, and ate delicious food amongst the pine trees.

The four sessions—Commitment, Companionship, the Call of the Husband/Wife, and Conflict Resolution—were serious topics. The couples were challenged to take steps to make a commitment to the Lord, His Word and their marriage. But, in between the teaching sessions, the marriage games, fellowship, and worship lightened everyone’s mood! It was so much fun to watch the couples talking and laughing together and loving one another.

On Sunday, we were blessed to hear Pastor Charles teach through Acts 22. We also had the chance to meet and pray with some of the church members, to hear their testimonies, and to join in prayer over the next generation of believers heading back to their respective schools.

Please keep Pastor Charles, his family, their church, and the people of Buwama in your prayers.

There is much work to be done to complete the building of the church, the hospital, and their new home, and to build up the body of Christ. But, so much work has already been done in just two years. Their light is shining brightly in Buwama, and we are confident that the darkness will not overcome it.

“Blessed are You, Lord God of Israel, our Father, forever and ever. Yours, O Lord, is the greatness, the power and the glory; the victory and the majesty; for all that is in heaven and in earth is Yours; Yours is the kingdom, O Lord, and You are exalted as head over all.” 1 Chronicles 29:10-11

— Steve Bailey

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